Nepal is the realm to the massif Himalayas, myriad of trekking peaks and dramatic landscapes with scenic diversity. It has eight out of the ten tallest mountains above 8000 meters in the world. For centuries, these mystical soaring Himalayas draw climbers and trekkers from all over the world. In fact, Nepal is the centrepiece for mountain activities and other adrenaline adventures. It has challenged the minds and bodies of intrepid mountaineers, trekkers and mountain lovers.
Thinking of peak climbing in Nepal? Everest Himalaya treks offer a wide range of peak climbing adventures of varying remoteness and difficulty. It is also known as “trekking peaks”, ranging from 5,000m to 7,000m as classified by Nepal Mountaineering Association. Without doubt, peak climbing provides the mixed experience of adventure trekking and mountaineering to both experienced trekkers and novice climbers. However, general knowledge of mountaineering experience will be rewarding. Whether you are just a beginner or are seasoned adventures, Everest Himalaya treks offers a wide range of peak climbing adventures of varying remoteness and difficulty.

We are the experts and locals of the Himalayas, combined with enthusiasm and determination. Our peak climbing adventures are locally managed, well-planned and supported by experienced local staffs, providing you with the best possible chance to stand atop of intended summit peaks. We also provide climbing logistics and gears in rental for peak climbing to ensure your trip hassle free and cost effective. If you are planning of climbing one of the trekking summits in Nepal, then let us organize your trip and allow you to be the climber you can be.